Amanda Johnson - Full Length

I am Amanda Johnson – a social worker turned teacher, turned writer. I have eleven years’ experience working in the non-government sector (predominantly with people seeking asylum, women, and refugees). I currently teach Community Services at RMIT University and deliver cross cultural professional development for the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

A lover of stories and connection, I am completing an Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing to be a better advocate for those I supported as a social worker. I write about communication, privilege, feminism, and structural inequality in Australia.

A highly experienced public speaker, I am currently developing a program to deliver in primary and high schools about the process of seeking protection in Australia. This project is being developed (and will be delivered) with a person who is currently seeking asylum. My collaborator and I have seen the impact of storytelling to generate compassion, understanding and changes in attitudes. We want to see more of it.

You will find me in my home city of Melbourne, Australia either writing, teaching, ranting, or running after my young twins.